Temporary closure

Nao Japanese Curry shop will be temporarily closed in October.

For the information about the reopening, we will show on the website soon.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Nao Japanese Ramen shop open as usual.



The  Japanese Curry

Nao Curry is Nao Japanese Restaurants’ second flagship store specialising in Japanese Curry

Nao Japanese Restaurant started its journey in 2003, in a tiny store at the base of Murray Street

Japanese curry was a popular item on our menu at the time and as the Ramen boom took off – with Nao being the driving force of the Ramen culture; Due to demand and the incompatibility of the two dishes, we regrettably removed Japanese Curry from our menu when we relocated to the newer larger premise where Nao Ramen is today.

And in 2019, we were finally able to revitalise our dream to have Japanese Curry as one of our dishes for all to enjoy at a new premise opposite Nao Ramen.

We make our curry from scratch.

Our signature curry roux is made from various spices and vegetables cooked till they fall apart, a simple recipe combined with time and care give its full favour.

Side Menus

Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad


Egg Salad

Egg Salad


Potato Salad

Potato Salad





prices may change without notice.

How we make our curry.

At Nao, we also make our Panko breadcrumbs on premise.


Weigh carefully selected spices. Finely chop some vegetables.
Heat the oil with spices and some vegetables to season it, and make a basic roux.


Add water and vegetables and simmer thoroughly to make a sauce that is full of vegetable nutrients.
Add curry spices and simmer until thick until the original roux with rich flavor is completed.

Our custom made Japanese bread crumbing machine produces the lightest fluffiest Panko, using fresh bread straight from the bakery.

Our Katsu has a real crunch while keeping the meat tender and juicy because we use fresh Panko and carefully prepare each dish from scratch.


Q: Do you have a Vegetarian, Vegan menu?

A: Yes. Our Curry base is made from a vegetable based stock and contains no meat products. Selecting vegetable toppings will ensure a filling vegetarian meal. However, we do not recommend for Vegans as there are some trace amounts of milk derived products in our roux.

Q: Can I reserve a table?

A: We serve “first in, first served” as such are not able to reserve tables for our diners. Please visit us in store at your convenience.

Q: You say “sister store” to Nao Ramen, am I able to order Ramen at the Curry store?

A: Yes. We have listened to our customers’ feedback and are now able to serve Ramen and Curry at either of our two stores.

Q: Is there a landmark?

A:Walk about 100m towards the City Library with Hay Street behind Hay Street mall.
There is an EQUUS arcade on the other side of the city library, so please look into the arcade.
The second from the entrance, there are NAO Ramen and NAO Curry on both sides.