The  Japanese Curry

Nao Curry is Nao Japanese Restaurants’ second flagship store specialising in Japanese Curry

Nao Japanese Restaurant started its journey in 2003, in a tiny store at the base of Murray Street

Japanese curry was a popular item on our menu at the time and as the Ramen boom took off – with Nao being the driving force of the Ramen culture; Due to demand and the incompatibility of the two dishes, we regrettably removed Japanese Curry from our menu when we relocated to the newer larger premise where Nao Ramen is today.

And in 2019, we were finally able to revitalise our dream to have Japanese Curry as one of our dishes for all to enjoy at a new premise opposite Nao Ramen.

We make our curry from scratch.

Our signature curry roux is made from various spices and vegetables cooked till they fall apart, a simple recipe combined with time and care give its full favour.